Why CEOs Prefer Outsourcing the SEO Tasks

Many are critical of what most CEOs do today; outsourcing most of the tasks that keep the operations of a company go smoothly. Many are aware that more and more work are being outsourced to other countries who offer competitive costs for SEO needs and other company operations activities.


The criticism is not baseless, many Americans are feeling the pinch of the economic crisis and it does not help the national economy that many American companies are hiring by outsourcing the work to offshore companies most of which are based in Asia. India, Philippines, China and Korea being at the forefront of the service companies which offer very competitive prices


It is these competitive prices which make the CEOs channel the work overseas. With the local specialized service professionals demanding such high salaries and benefits, the CEOs who wish to cut the costs of operations without disrupting the flow of operations for their companies will logically decide against hiring them. This leaves thousands of the skilled professionals out of jobs and those who have managed to hold on to their jobs are seeing a dimming of their chances to stay on working. As more and more of these professionals are seeing less chances of recovering their jobs there is a real concern for unemployment in the country.


Some say that the deals made by the offshore companies with the mainland ones are cutthroat in nature. This is true to a certain extent but then who can blame the CEOs? They are constantly pressured by their investors and stockholders to continuously show them profits at the end of each quarter. These demands plus the need to increase the costs of operations are making things difficult for the CEOs. They have based their decisions on the company’s capacity to earn. With the current difficulties of maintaining financial stability, they have no other recourse but to hire on a contractual basis, which is basically what these offshore outsource companies offer.


Unfortunate that the outsourcing seems to be affecting the US economy, the companies and their CEOs cannot really be blamed. In the end it is the numbers at the bottom of the balance sheet that matters the most. If the outsourcing of SEO tasks means less output moneywise, then there is no choice but to go that way.