The Three Most Popular Web Search Engines

The Three Most Popular Web Search Engines

Three most popular web search engines are, in order of highest popularity, Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


The web search engines are designed to give the browsers a chance to get the information that they need the quickest possible way on the World Wide Web. When browsing for information, the searcher usually types in keywords on the browser bar of their chosen search engine. Once they click SEARCH there will be a page that would open revealing a Results Page with a corresponding number of possible results that correspond to the number of sites which answer the keywords. Then there is information from other search engines which would instead reveal open directories of sites which are c categorized according to their relevance.


The target of any webmaster is to land on the first page of the search engine results page of SERP for that would mean that they are going to be the first to be visited by the browsers. The importance of this stems from the behaviour of the browsers themselves, they only search on websites which are revealed on the first pages of the SERPs. They almost never go to other pages.


The challenge for the millions of websites out there is to make sure that they get the visibility that they need to land on that coveted first page, secondary only to the need that they need the major search engines to list their sites in their directories.


Websites that get too aggressive in their SEO needs may get penalized by the search engines, others get totally banned. This is because they have broken certain laws and ethics that concern the major search engines. Once these are broken and left to continue, other websites may get into trouble as well. The focus of the SEO companies is to make sure they succeed using only the legal and accepted methods to get their websites recognized.