The Disadvantages of SEO Outsourcing

No matter how tempting the reduced costs of SEO outsourcing may be, many companies are still hesitating, if not simply refusing to have their SEOs outsourced. As most of the service companies are based offshore, namely India, Philippines, China and Korea, many companies face some difficulties when dealing with their services.


One of the most common disadvantages of hiring an offshore company to do the SEO tasks is the lack of skills. Although there are obviously a lot out there which can truthfully claim that they have the skills and the experience, many are obviously not. Some companies claim that their skills can compete with the American service personnel when in fact they only know one SEO method, linking and nothing else.


Then there is the question of language. Now, the Philippines may be in a better position compared to the other countries in terms of verbal pronunciations and grammar, but as India is the leading country to offer the most competitive and most companies that give SEO services, many of the mainland companies are complaining of grammatical errors in their finished product.


One of the basic SEO methods is to write articles and press releases. If the writers are not fluent in the American language, some resulting articles and press releases could be disappointing, if not downright hilarious. That funny bone getting tickled by the badly written articles and press releases are not how the companies wish to be viewed. These companies offer serious services and products so they have to have serious content in their sites as well.


Another difficulty is the time element. Most of the Asian countries work in a different time zone, most specifically GMT +8. This means that if ever there is something wrong or needed to be discussed, there is a chance that the personnel manning the website would be asleep. However, there are really trusted service companies which offer a 24 hour service, so it should not really matter.


The last concern is with regards to the cheap rates. Most people would logically assume that if they ask for cheap costs they would get low quality service. Although this is not exactly true for the trusted service companies, there are a lot out there that come true to form. They do give horrendously poor quality work.


Outsourcing the SEO for the website or company is a good thing only if the company hired is one that is known for its quality of work and experience.