Site Quality Design and its Importance

Browsers usually look for a website that is not only credible, but it also has to be quality. The question is, what really the difference between credibility and quality is, they are so intertwined with one another that it is expected by the general public that if the site is credible then it should also be a site that is quality. The truth is, the two elements are the twins of what everyone expects a site to be. These two elements are what make it an SEO dream for they could make the website more visible and get in the first page of the search engine results pages.


Quality is actually a measurement of the relationships of goals, purpose, the needs of the internet market, the design of the page itself, and other issue. For many, the first page that gets opened should give all of those things in just one go. Literally, once the page is opened the impact on the visitor has to blast its way to the browser in as short as a few seconds. The first five seconds is what counts. From the loading up of the page all the way to the visual and mental impact.


Others may ask how that is possible. What should it take to get all of that in one given time? For webmasters curious on how this could be done, the only way to get it is to look at the top sites, the most frequented sites that internet users all over the world go to, at any given time.


The best example would be Wikipedia. This is an information website that millions go to for any sort of information. The design is simple, there are no pop ups, no glaring banners, no colours that could blind the eyes with their strobes and it is all text, hardly any pictures unless as a portrayal of what is written about. What makes it so special? The quality.


Everything in that site and other sites like it screams quality. Quality does not mean more is best, quality does not mean excessive visuals are the greatest way to attract. What it symbolizes is simplicity and style integrated with the web content. That is what is important in a site.