SEO Tips - Maximizing Exposure Through Directories

Directories will boost the traffic of a website when it gets to be featured in the highly organized directories like Yahoo. The presence of the website in the directories will be able to drive the internet users to the website responding to subject specific queries or keywords on the browser. This will increase the popularity of the link to the website and will also increase the ranking in the SERPs of search engines like those of Google.


In order to do this, here are the following things that need to be done:


1. Look for a category where the website will fit in. the categorization and sub-categorization should fit the subject matter of the site and the purpose of the site. Say for example the site is related to health and beauty products then they should fall under the category of health and beauty products. The surfers who are looking for health and beauty products then they will be directed to the many websites which will answer to that category. The directory will show the websites that only respond to specific categories and sub-categories. If you are a webmaster then choose one that will suit all aspects of the website.


2. Think of a title for the website and a brief description that will attract the traffic not repel them or found ridiculous by them. The title must hit the ‘bull’s eye’ in this case, it should include specific keywords and then they should start with the earliest letters in the alphabet. It should only have at least 15 words to a maximum of 25, a very brief summary that best describes the purpose and function of the site. It should be briefly descriptive and very informative. Use as many keywords as possible into that summary.


3. It would be good to buy keywords from the pay-per-click search engines and directories.


4. Do not make the website heavy graphically. If it had heavy images this could decrease the visibility of the website in the search engines.


5. Optimize the use of back links on other directories which respond to the category that was chosen. Go around other competing websites and check the back links that they use.


6. Continuously update the website to make it catch up with the modern changes that constantly affect the internet.


7. Include the information by writing articles with interesting topics which should catch the attention of the browsers.