SEO Tips - Make Sure the Graphics is Light

SEO Tips - Make Sure the Graphics is Light

Many times the webmasters over react when they try to find means and ways to improve their website so they can enjoy increase in traffic and get more profits in the process. Unfortunately, like any overly concerned individual they can do things that may not be great for the website. They can include things in it to make the loading of the site difficult for their visitors and this is not a good thing.


Graphics make the site attractive, the colors, the animation, the pop ups, etc. they can make the site more interesting. But sometimes the graphics used can overload the site both visually and technically. If the graphics are overwhelming to the eyes, the visitors would not like to continue on the page for they can get visually distracted and get a headache in the process. Technically, the weight of the graphics would make it difficult to load or log into.


There are many websites which can take minutes to load up and this can frustrate the visitor who may be a potential paying customer. As a webmaster, one has to be aware that a visitor has a very short attention span. In fact, many browsers click and move and click and move in so many seconds. If they meet a site that does not load up in ten seconds they can just click and move on to the next site. Goodbye visitor/customer/profits! This is not the way to go.


If you are a webmaster doing your own web development or are thinking of hiring a web developer or designer, make sure to use light graphics. They are just as attractive, they are just as interesting, but the loading is so much faster. And with faster loading the visitor’s attention is grabbed and they stick around.


Do not make the mistake of getting sidetracked when it comes to the graphics. As a webmaster, the secret to getting the customers in and making them buy is not to overwhelm them, and busy graphics as well as slow loading up of the page can overwhelm the senses of an impatient visitor.