SEO and the Social Networks

SEO and the Social Networks

Getting a website recognized in the internet global market is not as easy as it may sound but it can also be easily accomplished, if you know what to do. SEO needs can be time consuming and if you do not know how to go about them, there is no way that you can successfully get that ranking you need.


SEO simply means search engine optimization and the most successful websites know they were successful in their SEO tasks when they see their websites come out on the very first page of the search engine results page or SERP. Otherwise, you site will get the lowest ranking and no one would even know your site exists.


One of the simplest SEO methods is to utilize the social networks like Twitter and Facebook. These two are now the most popular social networks online and they have members and followers that number in the millions who daily log into the site and read the announcements.


If you are trying to get the word out there about your website or product you are selling in that site, then write out a press release and submit it to these social networks. It may come with a fee, it may not. It really depends if you are a follower, a member or not. If you are then you can release the announcement on your home page.


As your friends get your notices and they get interested in your site and products they can click on LIKE if they so wish, on FACEBOOK. Once there are numerous likes, then the more people may get to know about the site. The spread will occur exponentially and eventually more and more will know about the site you are launching or supporting.


As more and more get to know about the site, through the social networks, the potential to increase the traffic to your site will increase as well, obviously, the potential for customers will also increase. Soon, word would be out, the site will get the ranking because it is now more visible. And the rest will just simply follow, simply because you decided to use a social network that is free to use.