Senuke, Is It Worth it ?

$ 147,- monthly for a piece of linkbuilding software is it worth it? YES!! Read here why...

One piece of linkbuilding software that is gaining in popularity quickly is Senuke. It is designed to help you promote everything from your website to your affiliate links. I am going to cover the capabilities of the software as well as the limitations so you can determine if it is a worthwhile piece of software you will add to your arsenal, or if you will utilize anther option. After you have created content for your targeted keywords, you've got to promote your content in the right way. Backlinks to your page tell Google (and the world) that your page has value to offer.


A lot of people resort to mass submission tools to promote their pages. These tools can do a variety of mass link creation tasks, depending on what you are looking for. They include mass article submission tools, as well mass social bookmarking, video, RSS feed and profile tools. A quick search will take you to a tool called SE Nuke which does all of these.


A word of warning: the trouble with mass submission tools of any stripe is that they are open to abuse. Fundamentally, these tools give you a way to spam tons of different sites, if you choose to use them in that way. Abuse and overuse leads to the eventual devaluing of the very links you are trying to get.


This tool has all the appearances of an incredible time saver. A user types in a web address they wish to promote then click a button and the program examines Google's interpretation of the relevant keywords for the selected site. The niche research program then rates the level of competition for each keyword on a scale of "Don't Waste Your Time" to "Easiest to Dominate". Stats are compiled including average and previous monthly search data, and can be quickly and easily exported to a spreadsheet via a comma separated variable (CSV) file.


Conclusion: yes, Senuke software is absolutely worth your time and money. You just have to use it properly in order to make it succeed.