Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage

Owning a home is indeed one of the assets that we would want to have. The home gives us a warm feeling of belongingness and this is the place where we have the grandest memories. Reverse mortgages will let you keep your property for the years to come. This is the top choices for retirement planning.


Most Americans think of their retirement way ahead of time. While they are working, they have their 401k and their pension plans ready in order to prepare for retirement. Reverse mortgage is among the many alternatives to consider too. This works when an indiviual pays you according to the value or equity of your home. You can get the money in periodic or monthly payments, get a credit line or in lump sum. A good thing about this is that it does not require credit checks or income requirements.


When you got a mortgage for your home, monthly payments were made accordingly. By doing this, your debt decreases while the equity of your home increases. Reverse mortgage is the opposite. What happens is your debt will increase and home equity will be lower. People usually do this when they want additional income and if they want to sell their home when they die. You can get the equity of your home and benefit from it when you retire.


Depending on your age, how much your home costs and current interest rates, the amount that you will obtain will vary. When the lender receives the amount, you will now owe that certain amount to him. The property can be sold to pay off the debt. As long as you are residing in the home, paying the lender is not necessary.


Meeting with a financial consultant is ideal. This may get complicated and confusing because of its technical points. Similar to a conventional mortgage, you will still pay extra costs and transaction fees. But then, the amount that you received from the lender is totally tax-free. Reverse mortgage will let you enjoy your home and at the same time use it to make your golden years enjoyable.