Owner Financing - Is it the Right Choice?

Owner Financing - Is it the Right Choice?

A lot of commercials or ads today are talking about owner financing. This is getting popular today and it has a lot of benefits if you are either the buyer or seller. With this kind of financing the purchaser can directly pay the seller. The purchaser does not have to go through the hassle of going to a financial institution or a bank to request for a loan. This is also a good investment for the seller.


There are a couple of elements that determine price of a property. This includes the kind of property, the location, equity and the age of the house. As a seller, you should take note of these factors because this is what investors like to see. They procure all sorts of realty notes and also titles of sale trust.


A good thing about owner financing is that the seller can dictate the price of the property according to what he wants. The purchaser may be eager to pay the market price or higher to property that needs a minimal down payment. Moreover, a higher rate of interest can be charged compared to a bank. Through this manner you may increase the total value of your home and it can be more appealing to investors. Homes can be sold faster compared to conventional mortgage loans. This will appeal to a great deal of sellers since revenue is coming in every month. Moreover, the seller gets a good deal of interest rates after the home is sold.


On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks of owner financing. Down payment may not be as big compared to conventional loans. Furthermore, the risk of the buyer not being able to pay the loan is a possibility. Plus there are legal clauses that that have to be understood when you are engaging in this kind of financing.


This type of financing can be puzzling at times. Doing your own homework is essental so that would know the ins and outs of this trade. You can read up on it on the internet. Plus, the seller has to give the seller all the details on the process. Being knowledgeable about this is truly an advantage.