Nothing is Free

With the world’s economy in deep trouble, that means people are losing their jobs left and right. The loss of jobs means the loss of income and that translates to people not having money to pay of their bills and such other things. This puts peoples’ finances in a strangle hold or worse, they lose track of everything and start getting into financial trouble. These troubles are what nightmares are made of since you need your money and you need lots of it to continue living. Hey, living expenses are not cheap. This turn of events have several effects on the population- some people cut back on their expenses, other struggle to find new jobs, some just give up and there are those that fall victim to financial scammers; some of the lowest creatures to walk this earth in such tough times; and maybe also the craftiest.


You can’t help but marvel and the nerve and the sneakiness of these guys. They strike when people are desperate and seem like avenging angles to those that they offer to “help”. FTC did a study where they found out that some con-men gave promises to people that they would be given help to deal with their financial problems. These men charged several hundreds of dollars; nothing too big right? But they do end up with millions or just a few hundreds of thousands. That’s because they bilk a lot of people out of their cash at one time.


One financial scam that you may want to know about is one that is called Advance-free Loan Scam where the evil starts with simple ads. You find yourself in financial trouble and you decide to leaf through the ads in the hopes of finding a remedy.


You find an ad you like and decide to give them a call. You will then talk with a telemarketer who tells you that you have to pay a fee to use the offer. The fee could be anywhere from $30 to $700 to get a loan and maybe a credit card with the condition that should your loan or credit card be rejected, you will get your money back. That never happens and you end up with less money and empty promises. You just got scammed.