Mortgage Scam

It seems like there is a scammer born every minute doesn’t it? It really makes you wonder if there are still suckers that fall for these born scammers. The answer to that is, yes. Unfortunately, scammers work by preying on those that are vulnerable. This works especially for those that happen to be stuck in some financial problem that normally involves debt and mortgage payments that just cannot be made. It is like a vicious cycle that they cannot get out of and suddenly, these scammers show up like answers to so many prayers when in fact they are nothing more than con artists that are out to steal your money. Please do not let them; you need every cent that you can hold on to if you are going to get yourself out of your mortgage problems.


Scam artists are very creative and you can bet that their creativity is what gave rise to this mortgage related scam people call the Bait and Switch method. It sounds very much like a scam already doesn’t it? so how does this scam work its evil ways? Well, here is how it works out; you will be told by someone that you will be able to refinance your mortgage with a brand-spanking new and improve lower rate at one point in time. Sounds good doesn’t it? But that time never does come. One other bait and switch procedure is that they will offer you an initial agreement complete with a low fixed rate to the loan. That is the bait; now get ready for the switch. The real mortgage note t the time of closing will not be at that rate but one that comes with sky-high fees and also a loan that comes with a balloon payment scheme. The bait and switch method is considered as a very unethical business practice by most people in the business.


So if you are looking to make a mortgage deal of any kind, be sure that you go through the contract with a fine toothed comb since you do not want to get stuck with anything that would get you in trouble.