Low interest VISA card

The term Low interest VISA card means a credit card, which under your Issuers contract conditions offer you a chance to spend your money by borrowing on temporary interest rate of 0% to a permanent rate of 11%.

Each bank has an array of elaborate subscription plans and low interest VISA’s is one of those arrays.


You can get a low interest VISA from an issuer company, which usually is one of your national banks. The bank will ask you to open an account with them, and then it will be possible to tie a VISA card to it.


VISA cards depending on your bank’s policies, are offered only to people who are above the legal age (18 or 21), and sometimes the bank additionally requests an issue form national tax office or the employer to see if you have regular income, as well as no credit debt record. But that is not always the case. Some banks or third party issuers only need you to have a clean credit record.


A good place where to understand the possibilities of different card plans and their benefits is on VISA (Visa International Service Association) website.


The bottom line, of course is to always read the contract and have the bank’s or third party issuer organization personal explain you Clearly Everything that might be of interest to you.


But in the end of the day a low interest on your card is what you are looking for. The APR or annual percent rate is a good indicator of your card’s value as a borrowing tool. Because when you do borrow – the interest you pay is the only thing you should be worried about.


Issuers offer various plant you can choose from regarding the interest rate, some of them being even 0% on permanent terms. But at a commission const. If you do get a 0% interest rate card than you will most likely also will sign up to harsh rules on your credit limit, on late-fees, on minimum turnover and on over-limit fees, as well as the bank will keep the rights to change the percentage rate at their will.


0% VISA is a good choice for those who pay their bill on time and in full, as the issuer will have less ways to charge you for borrowing. But for people, who look for additional benefits like Fly-miles programs, Discount/voucher programs, money back programs, and others, as well as if You are looking for a card to use frequently for your daily shopping – another card type would probably be better suited for you.