Impossible Guarantees and Bogus Deals from Bad SEO Firms

Impossible Guarantees and Bogus Deals from Bad SEO Firms

When you have a website of your very own, you know how vital getting some SEO services is to your business if you want to stand out from the crowd. Boy, and what a crowd it is! There have been reports that to date, there are over a billion websites that can be found in the internet. That is a billion websites vying for attention form online users and that is a billion websites that are potentially stealing attention from your website. It is enough to make everyone scramble for the nearest SEO firm that they can get to; but that may not be such a wise move after all and here is why.


With the billion and one websites online, there are sure to be some bad apples in the mix. Some of these bad apples are vey good at pretending to be legit SEO firms. But they have some tactics that give away their less than stellar goals which is to swindle you or cause some trouble to your website. Their goals are anything but noble and you must learn how to spot and therefore avoid these websites.


One way that you can spot a bad SEO firm is by checking if they are spending spam mails. Legit SEO companies will never send spam mail as these are never helpful. Next is that you check their offer; a free thirty day trial sounds good but if they demand to be given some access to your website that is bad.


Next is the price of their services; some websites have SEO firms that offer their rates and bid for the chance to do some SEO works for you. Too low prices might result in some extremely shoddy workmanship while exorbitant prices may just be too exorbitant for comfort. Companies that have the right to charge higher prices will never participate in these bid wars.


Another way you can spot a bad SEO firm is if they promise you that your site will get indexed in two days without ever having paid a visit to our website. The quality of your website and the layout is very important to real SEO professionals.