How to Get an Eco Mortgage

Are you one of those people who want to do your part in helping the environment? And are you also looking into getting a mortgage to build your own house? Then why not mash two together and get an eco-mortgage? It is exactly like a mortgage except that you may get some incentives for wanting to build a more energy-efficient house. The powers that be like this idea and they are willing to go the distance as long as you are.


Building your own eco-house is not as easy as building a normal house since you may have to make some alterations, but on the upside, you will save money in the long run and you know that what you built is good for the environment too. These two upsides will more than makeup for any extra hassle that you will go through. If you want to decrease your energy consumption by making your house more energy efficient, you can look to hire a specialist who will issue HERS reports that may help you get an eco-mortgage. You can also get this eco-mortgage from a lender that is willing to make a commitment that they will offset their own carbon footprint. For some other cases, a lender will even make a donation for some environmental causes on the borrower’s behalf. It all boils down to the people that you choose to deal with and also what your circumstances are. There are brokers that have very strong ethical policies are more likely to be the logical people to go to when you are looking to get an eco-mortgage.


By acquiring an eco-mortgage that is based mainly on energy efficiency, you will notice that all your bills appear to be lower. Some energy efficient solutions may be as easy as getting proper insulation for your house which prevents the loss of heat and saves you money from your heating bill. Some others involve installing solar panels, wind vanes and some thermopane windows. All these measures will ensure that you will save on money and also help save the environment as well by taking out an eco-mortgage.