How Outsourcing of SEO Needs Has Affected the US Economy

Many traditionalists have met the practice of outsourcing the SEO needs of companies with a lot of criticisms. Then there is also the added fuel of disgruntled unemployed citizens and some politicians as well. Many espouse the policy to “hire local,” to hire only Americans to do the programs for the many websites on the internet. But no matter how loud they cry out, the many economists and CEOs have continued to defend their right to hire offshore contractors to be the most logical, if not, most intelligent thing they ever had to do. For hiring offshore would mean costs for operations would be cut and the output for the capital would be dramatically decreased.


The real reasons why outsourcing the SEO needs has become very popular nowadays is because of several reasons, but mainly it involves money. Given that half the cost of not having to deal with complications that stem from the regular workforce and their numerous demands of compensation, the outsourcing will still provide the same services at competitive prices, and results which are excellent have increased the traffic to the many websites that hired the service companies. This means, for less operations costs, there is more sales and revenues to be seen.


The specialized service professionals are seeing their jobs slowly disappear from their horizons as more and more offshore companies offer up their services. And with today’s economic crisis, it is harder for them to recover their jobs and see an improvement financially, has finally been seen as a real cause for concern.


Unfortunately, all the CEOs can see is that the bottom line results speak the loudest. They are constantly being pressured by their many investors who constantly call for more profits. So if the only way they can do this is to cut on labor costs and do well with contractual work done by the offshore companies, then so be it. For one thing, there are neither bonuses nor any costs on overtime that has to be considered. As the work is contractual, only when the tasks are completed will the payment be given. As the old saying goes, it is all business, nothing personal.