Handle Your Finances - Maintain a Budget

Handle Your Finances - Maintain a Budget

All of us need to handle our finances well. The first step in doing this is to maintain a budget. Having a budget is something very important so that we can keep track of our spending and we would know how much to allocate on certain things. This will help you get rid of financial debt.


The initial thing that you should do is to list your monthly income and also your monthly expenses. All sources of income should be taken down like child support, alimony, side jobs and the like. When you are calculating expenses make sure to include utilities, housing, food, entertainment, etc. To get a clear picture on how much you spend, list down all the expenses every day. It is good that you save receipts to keep track of your expenses. Find out if your income covers your expenses. If the answer is no, then some expenses should be adjusted.


So how do we do this? If it is only a small difference, then you can reduce your minor expenses like cell phone plan or lessening your shopping. If the deficit is bigger, then you have to downsize your living arrangements or your vehicle. On the other hand, if your income covers all your expenses you may still want to cut down on your expenses so that you can have extra money for things like a vacation or putting up a college fund for your kids.


You may also add new categories to your budget such as putting up an emergency fund and retirement savings. It is important to have an emergency fund in order to cover unforeseen events like accidents or car emergencies. This will do away with using credit which can add tremendously to your expenses.


If done properly, having a budget can allow a person to pay his expenses, have money for savings and pay debts.