Financial Careers

Looking for a career? Well if you are good in math and you want to work in the corporate world, why not consider being a financial manager? Though it may sound daunting but it actually is not. I’ll tell you more about it in the next paragraphs; this will answer some questions you might have.


A financial manager is responsible in supervising and handling financial reports, accounting, financial portfolios, ad all king of financial analysis for a company or organization. In addition to that he also oversees cash management strategies and financial legislation and regulation. The organization’s cash flow is also managed by him through supervising balance sheets, income statements, and the cost nad revenue model.


The financial manager’s responsibilities includes supplying and efficient financial blueprint. He has to make sure that costs are minimized and profits are maximized. The main objective is to generate future revenue streams for the organization as well as managing the existing investments. He must be well versed in all technical aspects of financial decision making since he is also responsible for budgetary decisions and planning. It is important for the financial manager to have a depth of knowledge of various statuary litigation and legal regulations.


You may think that will that I have mentioned that a financial managers job is hard or boring. There actually more to that if you are in the field of financial management. The jobs in this sector greatly vary in terms of a specific job description. Generally, businesses that require the services of a financial manager are those in the private sector, financial institutes, banking, charities and governmental institutes. Managerial finance and corporate finance are the two broad categories for financial managers.


For managerial finance, it involves assessment and appraisal for all kinds of financial activities that organization. It does not involve drafting and implementing financial strategies because its main focus is the regulation and administration of already existing projects. On the other hand, corporate finance deals with decision making that involves debt, capital investment as well as equity. The financial manager is also involved in the paying the dividends of shareholders. The corporate financial manager also has to deals with decisions that pertain to raising capital for the company through investment banking.