Financial Analysis Manager

Curious about the careers you can get into in the finance sector? Well, there are a lot of jobs in this area of business. One of them is that of a financial analysis manager. Let me tell you more about it and the requirements to get into this position.


First of all, a financial analysis manager is a person who is assigned in the organization’s financial or accounting department and is involved in analyzing financial information. He may work in job positions like that of a controller, finance officer, credit manager, risk manager or treasurer. This may depend on which industry the company belongs to. The controller is traditionally is the only position that is directly responsible in creating financial accounting statements or in the supervision of other accountants. The other positions have responsibility in activities that include making budgets, capital management, reviewing existing investments and in the preparation of risk management procedures.


A usual requirement for the financial analysis manager is a formal college education. Usually, a common degree for people who get the job are those who have a bachelor’s degree in business administration specializing in finance. This degree prepares the person by instilling an understanding for a variety of financial topics. Of course, it is not limited to just this course. Other college degrees that can be applicable for this position are economics, business management, economics and accounting. It is also a common practice for people to take up a master’s degree after graduation to further improve and enhance their knowledge on finance and its concepts.


A career as a financial analysis manager may also require you to acquire professional certification. There are two common certifications. These are certified management account also called CMA and certified financial manager or CFM. These licenses can be obtained through the Institute of Management Accountants or IMA which is located in the United States. Those who are not in The United States may get this through IMA’s several international locations that offer these certifications for people working in international business locations. These certifications are also helpful for people aiming for promotions and advancement in their current career.


With all of these, you can see that education is important, obtaining the right degree and acquiring certifications and further studies will really help one’s chosen career.