Finance manager

Are you looking for a new career? Interested in the corporate world? Are you someone who is good in math as well? Then you can look for a career in Finance. There are so many careers and positions here and I am sure one will catch your interest. One very good position in Finance is that of Finance Manager. In the next paragraphs I will tell you more about it, the job responsibilities, role and main duties.


A finance manager basically oversees the flow of money in the business and is responsible for all financial related matters. He is in charge in preparing financial reports, lead investment projects. He also implements cash and financial management strategies for the company. There are times that he also makes financial goals for the organization. Most of the time, he do not handle all financial responsibilities belonging to the financial manager umbrella and instead is focused on specific aspects of financial management.


There are different titles for financial managers as well, depending on what they specifically do. This is one thing that is good about this career; there are choices which make it more flexible and not monotonous.


A financial manager with the title of controller is responsible for preparing financial reports which includes balance sheets and income statements. He oversees reports for the audit and budget departments as well as for regulatory bodies and accounting.


Bearing the title of finance officer or treasurer, he is in charge of taking care of the organization’s budget and that their financial goals are met. He is also in charge of managing associated risks and investments. He also manages cash and projects to raise capital. He can also be called to deals with acquisitions and mergers.


Aside from the duties and responsibilities mentioned, he also is in charge of preparing administrative staffs salary. He has to ensure that all clerical activities are up to date. The finance manager is also a leader. He has to see to it that members of the staff who need training are able to undergo training and also oversees the promotional activities of the staff.