Effective SEO Strategy - Using Press Releases to Improve Website Ranking

Effective SEO Strategy - Using Press Releases to Improve Website Ranking

Many webmasters who are in the process of attending to their SEO needs get surprised when they hear from the SEO service firms that press releases would have to be one of the methods to increase the sales of the site. Many think that press releases are limited to newspapers and this is where they are wrong.


Press releases are articles written about the website and the products that they sell, or simply an introduction to the public that a particular product is currently being marketed by a particular company. The information is just what it is, information. There is no sales talk, there is no customer entrapment involved so they could be lured to buying what they do not need. In short, it is simple information that can spread to the rest of the international market in the internet.

These press releases are to be posted in the company website and other websites. It would be preferable to release the information in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for the information could be read by the millions of followers and members. The press releases can also be posted in online magazines as well.


The press release will guarantee that many readers and browsers can read about the existence of the site and the product. This will guarantee that more than just visitors to the site will know about the products which are being sold. This will ensure curiosity in the readers and potential customers.


As more and more people read the information, the word will spread and more will learn about it. This will guarantee that more people from all over the world will get familiar with the product. This will of course, increase the traffic, and the chances of increasing the number of sales. As time moves on and more people get aware, the increase of the website’s ranking in the search engine results page will also make it more visible to the world market. The beauty of the press release is that it is a very simple, yet highly successful SEO tactic that has been around and utilized by marketers.