Eco Mortgages and You

The effects of global warming are starting to be felt by people the world over. This has resulted in them being more environmentally conscious and more eager to do their part in helping the world from sinking deeper into the global warming danger line. This new-found consciousness is making its way into various aspects of peoples’ lives and that even includes the mortgages that people are taking out. Yes, even mortgages are now becoming more eco-friendly. Some lenders are even using the profits that they make to projects that help improve the environment. It is a positive turn for people and one that hopefully has a positive effect on the environment as well.


These green mortgages are also being called energy-efficient mortgages and the people who lend money for the mortgages also allow their clients to get bigger loans as long as they make bigger monthly payments since they are set to save money on monthly utilities bills. People have definitely taken the step to help the environment and the big businesses are getting involved as well.


So you may be wondering how these eco-mortgages really affect the environment; that is easy enough to answer. Take the UK for example, some five companies that offer mortgages are now also offering eco-mortgage packages and these five companies are all staunch supporters or environmental schemes that promote reforestation. There 1 company among the five that makes a donation to a group called Climate Care; this charity makes investments to help off-set carbon emissions. This same company also gives free HERs along with their eco-mortgage valuations. There is one other mortgage company that has made a pledge to plant some 50 trees for every person who takes a mortgage loan from their company. Some lenders lend on those properties that were built to be energy efficient and built using materials made from sustainable sources.


Everyone is taking up the fight to help mother nature and the big business have made it a point to encourage people to join in on the fight as well by making sure that they give out incentives and making green mortgages readily available for those who want the benefits of a green mortgage.