Eco Mortgage Information

Nowadays, people are getting more and amore conscious about how their actions affect the environment; this has led to more and more people building homes that are more energy efficient so that they consume less energy and also lower their carbon footprint. Building your house on an energy-efficient platform also helps you save money on electricity and other utilities. These houses are a great idea and also make people feel like they are doing their part to make the Earth healthier.


If you are also interested in building a house that is energy efficient, then you may like to know about this little thing that people like to call eco mortgage that was signed by an important somebody named Jimmy carter some 30 years ago. See, he thought that people who took the time to build eco-friendly houses should be given incentives so he passed it into law that secondary market institutions under federal sponsorships were to present their clients several bonuses for choosing to build those houses. The premise behind this idea was that if heir houses were more energy efficient, they will save money on their utilities and this would mean that they save money which then translated to a higher income. This higher income would mean that the borrowers could apply and qualify for that bigger loan.


In order to qualify for this eco mortgage, you have to pass a ratings system that will determine whether or not your house is able to meet some crucial energy efficiency points. This is done by the HERS Index which was established by the RESNET. This means that houses which that were made to match International Energy Conservation code were rated 100 in the HERS Index; while a home that was not made to those specifications will get a 0 based on the HERS Index. If you want to lower your energy utilization, you may choose to go green and hire yourself a pro who will help make a HERS report along with some other important things. Taking the time and effort to go green and do something great for the environment may be a bit harder than the traditional way of building a house, but the benefits are also great.