Different Types of Links

When it comes to the business if promoting your business online and helping it to succeed, you have to understand that links are vital; you cannot do without links if you want a modicum of success. There may be some arguments but no one can deny that they do affect page rankings and also the trust factor. Each link is made to serve a purpose although they may not all serve the same purpose. There are different categories for links which serve specific needs for each website. Links may be defined depending on the functions that they were made to do. Below, you will read about different types of links that you may encounter and also create on your link building activities.


One type of link is the type that boosts traffic. These links focus of bringing more traffic to a certain website although they may not always improve page ranking. The function by exposing a certain website to tons of visitors and this is how they help boost traffic. You can find these in comments found in blogs, banner advertisements etc.


Next are the links that boost your site’s page ranking. These links basically work to improve the rank of your page. This page rank will be determined on the number of relevant links that a website contains. It may be good to have plenty of sites leading to your own website but they have to relevant or the search engine will discard them.


There are also links that help elevate SERP. These links essentially elevate the website’s search engine result positioning with the help of particular keywords. To be bale to build such links will require you to select suitable keywords and the right anchor texts. This is also done by way of blog comments, some organic links etc.