BuildMyRank Review - Can One Rely on Them?

The Build My Rank Service is an article submission site where only 100% original articles can be published. Those which are spun and written in other languages other than English cannot be accepted. The other languages are no longer necessary as statistically, English articles are read more than those written in the native language.


Once the articles are submitted, there will be an RSS feed that gets created and then submitted to many large aggregators. This will help the indexing done quicker and it will also create extra links to the website from others. All articles to be submitted should have a minimum of 150 words and one link with anchor test. All the links should be directed to English websites only.


The articles stay online all the time even if the client decides not to continue with their subscription. Build My Rank is now considered one of the more valuable and efficient tools that can create the backlinks. These backlinks are very important in increasing the visibility of the website. Without them, not many would be have the chance to get to know about the site.


Many are critical about the No Spinning policy though and that is a logical reaction. Numerous webmasters rely on one solid article which they spin into 100 different articles to be spread all over the internet. But Build My Rank has a reason not to allow this.


Do you know that there are more articles out there that are obviously spun? How obvious, you ask? Well, try reading some articles, they do not make sense, the grammar is incorrect, there is no fluidity in the articles and they look like a poorly done article.


Those who rely on spins wish to save the wrong way. Thinking they can rely on the spins and get quality work is not the way to go. Only 100% unique articles get that distinction, unfortunately, spins are not even near that ratio.