Building an Eco Home with Eco Mortgage

More and more people are being offered a new type of home mortgage in the UK. A new government policy has made it possible for homeowners to have huge tax deductions if they take out either a home improvement loan or a straight home mortgage to buy a new property. If the homeowners build their homes or improve their existing homes more eco-friendly, then they can apply for an eco-mortgage.


The loan was designed to lure people to be more energy conscious. Homeowners can purchase window blinds that can keep the energy consumptions low, replace existing lights to greener LED lights, even purchase insulation for their walls and ceilings to conserve heat.


The newer homes can also be made eco-friendlier with this new loan. The construction companies and architects are expected to make sure that they can make the light come into the homes throughout the day with minimum use of electricity. They are also expected to install solar panels to heat the home and water supply.


The move is quite revolutionary, and it is only in the UK that this is happening so far. Other European countries like Sweden already have eco-friendly homes but only in the UK do they award the new homeowners the tax break and the mortgage.


The British government had been pushing their citizens to build more eco-friendly homes for a long time, but it is only now where they actually offer the mortgage package to go along with it. This makes it easier for the homeowners there to invest their hard earned money on their homes while satisfying the demand for a better world all at the same time.


The move is still being studied by the US banks and government, but so far it has been very successful in Britain. More and more homeowners are not only satisfied that they now have a better option, but they are also satisfied that the costs to redo their homes is actually cost effective in the long term.