Avoid SEO Outsourcing to Offshore Companies with Unproven Track Records

Avoid SEO Outsourcing to Offshore Companies with Unproven Track Records

Numerous webmasters get tempted when they see ads for SEO servicing companies that lure their clients into hiring them with ultra low rates. They may sound great at first, but as many have found out too late, the results can be disastrous.


There are some SEO outsourcing companies which do not really have the capacity to do any SEO work. Most of the offshore companies that are just getting into the business think that they can do a great service if they do some SEO linking.


To prove their point, they can actually claim to be able to get your site's back links included in thousands of websites on the internet. Unfortunately, there are numerous websites where the presence of your links may just get ignored. This often happens when they just leave your back links in sites which do not have anything to do with your site at all. Some do not even belong to the same category that you are in.


Another disadvantage when hiring newbie SEO companies, they think that if they are aggressive they will have better results. There is the good aggressive it is called assertive link building, but the aggressive ones only get penalized. Find out if they are doing things which should not be done before you regret it.


One other thing, there are SEO methods which include article writing. It would be bad news to hire a company where the article writing is uploaded into your website and it ends up getting the flack from the readers because of the poor quality. Numerous times there are articles with such bad grammar that there is no way to figure out what the content is all about. Some are downright laughable in fact.


Do not just get out and hire the first SEO Company you can. Only hire the highly rated ones, regardless of costs.